UV Raman Lidar system
10 Mar 2011



Details of the UV Raman lidar system


Parameters of the LIDAR system

Wavelength 354.7 nm
Wavelength 353.0 nm
Maximum power 0.35 J per pulse
353.9 nm
Average power 17.5W
354.7 nm
Pulse width 7 ns
386.7 nm
Repetition rate 50Hz
407.8 nm
Beam diameter 0.1 nm
Range solution 7.5 nm
Beam divergence 0.1 mr
Field-of-view 0.3 mr
Mirror diameter 0.45 m

Diagram of transmitter

The laser beam is transmitted in a coaxial geometry with the telescope mirror and the telescope has a Newtonian configuration.

Diagram of receiver


Contact: Jeffery, Judith (STFC,RAL,RALSP)