Profiling Microwave Radiometer
10 Mar 2011



The Radiometrics microwave radiometer uses brightness temperature measurements to measure water vapour and liquid water.

The radiometer measures sky brightness temperature at 21 frequencies between 22.0 GHz and 30.0 GHz. Each channel is rouinely calibrated using the tip-curve technique.

Data products available:

  • Calibrated brightness temperature measured at 21 frequencies (selectable) between 22.0 and 30.0 GHz.
  • Water vapour profile
  • Integrated water vapour (IWV)
  • Liquid water path (LWP)
Data are produced approximately every 2 minutes. Water vapour profiles from MP-1500A radiometer at Chilbolton are displayed on the Chilbolton weather web. All data are available from the British Atmospheric Data Centre.

Accuracy of water products:

  • Integrated water vapour: 1 - 2 mm
  • Liquid water path (with no precipitation): approximately 15%

Specification of radiometer:

  • Frequency range: 22.0 - 30.0 GHz
  • Pre-detection bandwidth per channel: 300 MHz
  • Brightness temperature accuracy per channel: 0.5 - 1.0 K
  • Half-power beamwidth: 4.9 - 6.3 degrees across the frequency range

Technical specifications of the microwave radiometer

Contact: Hooper, David (STFC,RAL,RALSP)